Individual and Sibling Photographs

School photographs can be fun for the kids. Children are taken on their own and/or with their siblings. Photographers, their assistants and school staff do their best to make sure your children are looking their best but they cannot comb hair, clean them or remove stains from their jumpers etc.

Its a good idea to make sure you send them to school with a comb so that they can comb their own hair before their photograph. Do tell them to be clean and tidy for their photograph.

Its also good to make sure they are wearing any sweat shirts and school uniform you'd like them to have on in the photograph.

Also .. Do tell your kids that if they think they think they've missed their photograph for any reason to tell a teacher on the day, before the photographer leaves the school as its not possible for the photographer to return to the school again!

You can order from a large range of Packs to which you can also add extra Photo Gifts like key rings, fridge magnets and mugs.

The best way to order is online, through the website. (Click Here if you want to order online) When you order online you have the option of ordering The Digital Image - this is a super speedy way of receiving your photograph very quickly. It will be emailed to you within 3 working days of receiving payment by PayPal.